Superannuation & Retirement

Optimise your Superannuation and Receive Cash Dividends throughout your Retirement.

If you are still working, superannuation is still one of the most tax effective investment options available to you to pay for your retirement – but only if you and your employer contribute into it.

In 1992, the government introduced legislation that would compel all employers to provide a minimum level of superannuation cover, for all eligible employees. This is your Superannuation Guarantee (SG) .This has helped to ensure that superannuation is now available to most Australians, where it was once considered a privilege.

This means that your employer is compelled to contribute a minimum of 9% of your current salary into a designated Superannuation fund that will invest your money wisely and provide you with an income when you retire.

We can advise you how much is required to meet your goals

If you plan to rely solely on the Super Guarantee (SG) contributions being made by your employer, then you need to know that SG contributions alone may not be enough. The fact is, these contributions may simply replace what we know today as the Age Pension. We must plan today to support ourselves for tomorrow.

Are you aware of what the cost of living will be when you retire?

How much money will you (and your partner) need each year to live the lifestyle you desire?

Have you put enough super in for the day you decide to retire?

At Newealth, we can project for you, what your income requirements will be in retirement based on your retirement dreams. Armed with this information, we can determine how much money you will need per annum and what your investments will need to produce to provide that income. For most people, Superannuation is a vital part of their retirement strategy. We can recommend how much you may need to contribute to make your retirement goals a reality.

Should you want to check that you are on target to have adequate superannuation in retirement, please contact us so that we can assist you in providing a plan that meets with your future requirements.

We can help you choose the best plan

Now that most Australians have a choice of Superannuation plans to choose from, you need to chose wisely.

As the complexity in superannuation legislation continues to increase, along with the mandatory nature of superannuation, the need for advice in preparing retirement strategies has also increased.

We can assist you chose from a broad selection of Superannuation providers based on their investment performance and history over a number of years. We know the people, the fund managers and their strategies and keep a watch on their performance.

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