What is Financial Planning?

No buzz words, no jargon: Financial Planning is about making you richer and more financially secure.

Newealth provides a single contact point for people from all walks of life and corporate businesses seeking to access a range of Financial Services that can make them richer and more secure.

Most of our clients come to us because they want a relationship with a financial “mentor” who speaks everyday English and can help them develop and implement an ongoing financial strategy to meet their long-term financial goals. Our primary duty and commitment is to you the client, and not to the fund managers, banks or life insurance companies whose investment and risk products we may recommend. Each financial plan is designed and communicated in plain language to satisfy your individual needs.

Our financial planners will listen, draw out and clarify your financial goals, help you make more informed decisions about how to use and protect your money and choose products that suit your circumstances. We’ll provide the best advice to you in the areas of personal banking, stock broking, superannuation, funds management, financing, life insurance, estate planning and other services to produce the optimal outcome which we customise to you.

We will simplify and steer you through any complex economic and legislative factors, keeping a weather eye on the financial markets, and use sophisticated analysis and forecasting tools to help you reach your goals.

Core areas we can also discuss with you include:

  • Savings and Investment Strategies for Wealth Creation
  • Death and Disability Insurance Advice
  • Superannuation and Retirement Planning
  • Corporate Superannuation
  • Succession Planning

To assist us in the provision of the most comprehensive financial planning advice, we obtain independent research from Standard and Poors, who are widely recognised as one Australia’s premier investment research houses.


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