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13 Sep 2016

The Wisdom of Great Investors: What you need to know

The wisdom in the commentaries that we have just shared is remarkable yet the insight from these Great Investors is deceptively simple.

What you need to know to invest-

  1. Avoid self destructive behavior– Benjamin Graham (1894-1976)
  1. Don’t attempt to time the market– Peter Lynch (born 1944)
  1. Be patient– Jesse Livermore (1877–1940)
  1. Don’t let emotions guide your investment decisions– Warren Buffett (born 1930)
  1. Recognise that short-term underperformance is inevitable– John Maynard Keynes (1883–1946)
  1. Disregard short-term forecasts and predictions– John Kenneth Galbraith (1908–2006)

The underlying message is that investing is boring. It is about compound interest over time and not about sexy.

If it talks about being sexy, RUN and try to remember that it is when fear and panic take hold that an investor is presented with the best opportunity to buy more quality assets at reasonable or better still discounted prices.


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