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27 Jul 2018

Friday Tidbit: Success

Richard Jenrette, a legendary American investment banker passed away this year but he left behind 24 rules for how to succeed and have a long and happy life.

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25 Jul 2018

Superannuation Reform: Downsizing

Downsizer superannuation contribution has arrived which means that if you are 65 years or older you can choose to make a downsizer contribution into your superannuation of up to $300,000 each from the proceeds of selling the primary residence (your home) without having to satisfy the work test.

This is an opportunity for clients who do not qualify for the Age Pension because it does not count towards the individual total super balance cap $1.6 million but it will still count towards the $1.6m transfer balance cap which means you will still not be able to make more than the maximum initial contribution of $1.6 million into the pension phase of superannuation.

The numbers are less attractive for clients who qualify for a part Age Pension because the primary residence is an exempt asset for Centrelink purposes whereas superannuation is counted under the Asset Test.

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13 Jul 2018

Exports versus Imports

Continuing the conversation on economic prosperity which is in large part determined by a countries ability to manufacture and sell goods.

China currently has a large surplus, the value of exports (sales) are US$421 billion more than imports (buys) while the United States exports US$1.547 billion and imports US$2.409 billion which is a US$862 billion deficit.

Germany, like China also has a large surplus with exports US$281 billion more than imports.

For economic prosperity, a surplus of exports over imports is wanted. Not the other way around.

In reference to Australia, we just manage to export fractionally more than we import thanks to the sale of our commodities.

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9 Jul 2018

Global Domination

The economic prosperity of a country is in large part determined by its ability to make stuff.

Manufacturing is the process of taking raw materials to then value add and sell to the consumer.

China is the World’s number one exporter of goods at US$2.263 billion and is 46% larger than number two which is the United States at US$1.547 billion.

If we next look to the World’s 20 largest tech giants, the United States dominates with 12 but China makes up all the rest.

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It is difficult to see a scenario for this not being the Asian century.


4 Jul 2018

Harvard Business Review: CEO

Be careful of what you wish for because being in charge has its own set of new challenges.

The attached paper lists 3 common transition scenarios that lead to career failure when not managed.

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