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31 Jan 2021

Newealth FSG & CG (January 2021)

We have updated our Financial Services Guide and Credit Guide.

For more details, click ‘Newealth FSG & CG’ or alternatively go to the FINANCIAL SERVICES GUIDE & CREDIT GUIDE link at bottom of the page.


28 Jan 2021

Asset Class Returns: The last 40 years…

Morning all and 2020 was a dreadful year.

It began with a continental bush fire, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic and then a financial markets asset price collapse.

The ASX200 fell by 36.8% and the DJIA by 37.1% in March 2020.

March 2020 was big.

As a consequence, the returns for calendar year ending 31 December 2020 have been poor.

A growth asset class topped the chart (specifically, international listed companies) and was closely followed by a defensive asset class in second place (specifically, international fixed interest).

WARNING, past performance is no guarantee of future performance and these index return figures do not reflect the ability of top professional investment management teams to outperform their respective index/benchmark. Most importantly, the above does not constitute Personal Advice.

Please also note that these figures do not show the opportunity for a client to buy low and add to their investment holding when an asset class is out of favour which in turn can accelerate the rate of return well above the index performance.

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