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19 Dec 2019

Ideology: Capitalism (Version 2.0)

Socialism in theory is a noble idea but in practice it does not work and fails miserably.

Take for example the former country of Yugoslavia, a socialist state which completely imploded and from which my parents migrated in 1971 to come to Australia, a liberal capitalist democracy that continues to offer opportunity.

The attached piece helps to explain why capitalism is in fact the best ideology but it also talks about why it needs to evolve into an improved version 2.0 of itself.

The single minded pursuit of profit at all cost and without boundaries can only result in extreme inequality (much worse than today) which will eventually be followed by social chaos and the breakdown of society.

Everyone loses.

Capitalism must evolve into version 2.0 if it is to continue to work and serve society.

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13 Dec 2019

Friday Tidbit: Rules for Success

The end of 2019 is fast approaching and as your thoughts turn to next year we thought it opportune to share the 8 ‘rules for success’ that Marc Randolph (Co-Founder of Netflix) received from his Father at age 21.

‘Rules for Success’

  1.  Do at least 10% more than you are asked.
  2.  Never ever to anybody, present as fact opinions on things you don’t know. Takes great care and discipline.
  3.  Be courteous and considerate always – up and down.
  4.  Don’t knock, don’t complain – stick to constructive, serious criticism.
  5.  Don’t be afraid to make decisions when you have the facts on which to make them.
  6.  Quantify where possible.
  7.  Be open-minded but skeptical.
  8.  Be prompt.


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11 Dec 2019

Update- Electric Vehicles

In November 2006 we sent out our first eUpdate on electric vehicles which are now commonly known as EV.

The revolutionary vision for EV was to drive for free by having battery kits and solar-powered chargers at home.

Are we there yet, yes and the link below will take you to EV Tech Trends to see what engineers are planning for 2020.

The irony is that the electric motor has been around since 1835 and in 1899 an electric car broke the 100 km/h speed barrier before being eclipsed by the internal combustion engine.

This time however the story will end differently for the EV as battery technology advances.

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5 Dec 2019

The Boston Consulting Group: War on plastic

This is terrific news and confirms that there is always a solution to every problem.

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures in an inert atmosphere and has the potential to mitigate the environmental impact of plastics immediately.

The more business and government invests in and supports conversion technologies such as pyrolysis, the greater their ability to contribute to solving global environmental pollution.

This is not the only solution.

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