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28 Oct 2016

Friday Tidbit: Australian Entrepreneurs

The BRW 2016 Young Rich List is out and it is truly inspiring to see young Australian business men and women being so successful.

Just goes to prove that this country of ours is still a land of opportunity if you have the determination to succeed.


25 Oct 2016

Directors Duties: ATO Penalty Notices

Thomas Dawson is a Registered Liquidator with DCL Advisory and he has sent us a summary of changes to the ATO’s Director Penalty Regime.

Being a Director of a company in Australia is fraught with personal financial liability which is something that Senator Bob Day is discovering at this very moment.

Will Senator Bob Day lose everything?

Don’t know but the courts will remind him that as the Director he will bare ultimate responsibly for his company’s failure.



21 Oct 2016

Warren Buffett, The Oracle of Omaha: Gold

Gold has been one of the best performing investments in calendar year 2016 rising from US$1,075 on 1st January to a high of US$1,367 in July and falling back to the current price of US$1,266 per ounce.

That represents a 17.8% return in 10 months.

Before everyone suffers a bout of gold fever we pulled this out of the archive from Warren Buffett’s playbook as a timely reminder about why business enterprise has been and will continue to be the best performing asset class over the long term.

Enjoy and it is just so simple when you focus on buying quality assets at reasonable or better still discounted prices.


12 Oct 2016

China: The new Silk Road

This is a fascinating piece on China’s global expansion strategy.

Rail into Europe, maritime route through Pakistan, canal through Thailand, Russia to Alaska rail are either already underway or in the planning.

Just like the ancient Roman Empire, they are building roads that all lead back to China and with it economic prosperity.


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