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22 Feb 2017

SME- Balance Sheet Lending

This is big, if you are a small business earning a minimum $200,000 per annum you would have already discovered that it is next to impossible to get any money out of the banks without offering residential property security.

That was the past.

Now, a European fintech call Spotcap has entered the market and is lending up to $250,000 on a unsecured credit basis to small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

Balance sheet lending such as this is common in the United States but almost never seen in Australia.

Warning, read the terms and conditions and take special care around the interest rate being charged because rather than expansion it could instead bankrupt the business.


16 Feb 2017

Australian Entrepreneurs: Atlassian

This is a great insight piece on how to grow a billion dollar business.

As you read you quickly fall to the conclusion that it is quite simple and yet so difficult to execute.

Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar are an inspirational success story on what can be achieved from nothing.


9 Feb 2017

Social Security: Fringe Benefits

From 1 January 2017, the total value of the reportable fringe benefits received from an employer will now be counted towards qualification for social security benefits.

Previously only half (specifically 51%) of the total value of the reportable fringe benefit was included in the assessment.

This together with 1 January 2017 changes to qualification for Age Pension is all deliberately focused on reducing welfare payments to the middle class.

Assuming that this pattern continues over the next two decades, it is clear to see that only the very poor will qualify for some Government assistance while the rest of us can say goodbye to the Age Pension.

Just another reminder that it is you who needs to save and invest for your future.


3 Feb 2017

TED Talk: Exploration vs Exploitation

To pursue perfection of what is old versus exploring what is new in order to remain in business is pause for some great weekend thinking.

Click to enjoy the talk.


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