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15 May 2017

Entrepreneurial Genius: Earths Richest Man

Success is and has always been 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

That certainly applies to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who has finally pushed himself into 2nd place at US$83.3 billion and is now only US$4 billion away from passing Microsoft founder Bill Gates at US$87.2 billion to become Earths richest man.

We cannot crown him yet but its only a matter of time now before Bill Gates is dethroned.

While a changing of the guard is underway for the top spot, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at US$64.5 billion has risen to 5th place with both Amancio Ortega at US$82.5 billion and Warren Buffett at US$73.4 billion under fire from this new breed of internet entrepreneurs.

In the attached article Jeff Bezos shares his five most important lessons for success-

  1.  Think big
  2.  Keep innovating
  3.  Don’t fret about failure
  4.  Profits matter much less than market share
  5.  Forget acquisitions


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