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19 Jun 2017

Up to a 50% guaranteed return: Superannuation Co-contribution for 30 June 2017

The Federal Government Co-contribution was introduced from 1 July 2003 as an initiative to encourage low to middle income earners to save for their retirement within superannuation.

If you make a contribution of up to $1,000 into your superannuation account before 30 June 2017, the Federal Government will add an additional sum provided that you are earning less than $51,021 this financial year.

The table below shows you how much the Federal Government will contribute for various amounts.


If your total
income is:

…and you make
personal contributions of:

…then the maximum Government
co-contribution is:

$36,021 or less

$1,000 $500


$801 $401




$47,000 $268


$51,021 or more $0




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