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10 Oct 2018

Future of the Global Economy: Economic Forces

The future is accelerating and the challenge is to work out how to take advantage of the forces that are changing the global economy.

None are new and we have attached a link that graphically illustrates these major forces-

  1. Software replacing manufacturing with automation and artificial intelligence.
  2. Excessive amount of world debt which currently stands as US$247 trillion when government and private are combined.
  3. Accelerating wealth divide between ultra-wealthy and rest.
  4. Rise of Chinese prosperity.
  5. Technology and technological adoption approaching exponential rate of change.
  6. Rise of green industries to combat climate warming.
  7. Demographic change advancing developing countries.
  8. Tariffs and trade wars impacts.

Ready or not they are already here and already shaping the global economy.

Click to view.


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