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1 Jul 2020

Market Metrics: 30 June 2020

What a financial year!!!

Asset prices of listed Australian and American companies fell by 37% from the February 2020 peak to the March 2020 low.

This has been the first financial markets crash (defined as a drop of 20% or more from recent peak) since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

It has taken 12 years and although both the Australian and the United States indices were up on the last trading day of the financial year, the 1 year return is -7.13% for the ASX200 and -0.54% for the DJIA.

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Although we are in the midst of a recession, the economic numbers are improving but not for all industries and as always, if you are an Active client that has questions on how to take advantage of the current situation, please call me on 02 9267 2322.


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