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22 Jun 2021

Australian Residential Property: First Home Buyers

According to Australian Broker News the median house price in Sydney is now over $900,000.


Capital City Median House Price Median Unit Price
Sydney $901,750 $649,950
Melbourne $720,000 $574,000
Hobart $670,000 $470,000
Darwin $595,000 $417,500
Brisbane $535,000 $410,000
Perth $515,000 $420,000
Adelaide $493,250 $372,500
Canberra $820,000 $492,500


Domain research just published the 2021 Domain First-Home Buyer Report which shows that it takes 7 years and 1 month to save a 20% deposit on an entry level house in Sydney.

This is now 11 months longer than 5 years ago.

Click for chart.

When will this explosion in residential property prices end?

Unknown but it will because the rate of increase is unsustainable.


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