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17 May 2022

Decarbonisation: Wind

The electricity derived from Wind is clean however after 20 years of investment which has grown Wind to outputting 743 gigawatts of electricity it still only delivers 1% of global energy needs.

This fact points to it being a failed alternative solution to fossil fuel produced energy.

Click for chart.

Transitioning to Net Zero by 2050 will require even more energy volume than being produced today because the Emerging Worlds energy requirement is rising rapidly to fill the gap between it and the Developed World.

Solution, we need a game changer and that game changer is nuclear fusion.

If the human race is going to survive on this planet then we need clean energy and nuclear fusion is definately the solution if we can get it to work.

Talk of successfully delivering fusion has been ongoing since the beginning of my career but they are close now and Commonwealth Fusion Systems just might be first to deliver fusion.

Imagine, fossil fuel energy production would become almost obsolete and the financial chaos that it would cause in asset prices would be unimaginable but it must come otherwise we are going to pollute ourselves to extinction.


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