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2 Sep 2022

Friday Tidbit

The Future Fund was established in 2006 to limit the taxation burden on Australians in meeting the escalating future superannuation liabilities of the Commonwealth Public Service.

The Future Fund has just released its results for last financial year and as expected it delivered a -1.2% return for the 12 months to 30 June 2022 which is better than expected given its 60% allocation to growth assets and 40% defensive assets.

This asset allocation of the Future Fund tracks that of a Balanced- Level 3 investor risk profile.

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What you may not know about the Future Fund is that its investment methodology follows Benjamin Graham thinking in that he believed that the vast majority of people are not capable of making investment decisions.

This is why the Future Fund hires some of the very best talent (Portfolio Managers) that money can buy to manage its assets.

That’s smart.

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