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18 Jan 2023

Asset Class Returns: The last 42 years…

Morning all and a big welcome to 2023.

The pressing question at the start of 2022 was if it would be a repeat of 1994 when the US Federal Reserve rapidly increased interest rates and Australia followed causing financial markets chaos for both growth assets and defensive assets.

Well the numbers are in for calendar year ending 31 December 2022 and yes it most definitely has been a repeat of 1994.

There was nowhere to hide in 2022 other than cash at bank.

Click for index returns.

The returns for 2022 however do not reflect the opportunity for a investor to buy low and add to an investment holding when an asset class is out of favour which in turn accelerates the rate of return well above the index performance.

If you have family, friends or colleagues that want financial advice please ask them to contact us and we will work out how best to help.


WARNING, past performance is no guarantee of future performance and these index return figures do not reflect the ability of top professional investment management teams to outperform their respective index/benchmark. Most importantly, the above does not constitute Personal Advice.


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