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2 Mar 2023

Market Metrics: Listed Companies Worldwide

Just working through the Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2023 and wanted to share a couple of observations.

Firstly, there are only 21 countries that have had a public exchange for companies to trade their shareholding since 1900.

Secondly, in 1900 the United Kingdom at 24.0% had the largest share of publically listed companies by market capitalisation followed by the United States at 15.0%. Fast forward to 2022 and the United States now has the largest share at 58.4% while United Kingdom has fallen to 4.1%.

Germany and France have also reduced significantly.

Thirdly, Australia has the best historical performance over this 122 year period at 6.7% per annum followed by the United States at 6.38% per annum.

Click for charts.

Australia truly is the lucky country.

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