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24 Oct 2022

Market Metrics: ASX200

Interesting, the ASX200 has not crashed. Corrected yes but not crashed.

the ASX200 has fallen 15.3% from recent peak which was recorded on the 3 October 2022 when it closed at 6,452 points.

Reviewing historical data shows that market corrections of 10% from recent peak are routine and occur often however market crashes defined as a fall of 20% plus from recent peak are far less frequent.

Click for chart.

The key is never to panic during corrections or creashes because asset prices are not in your control but how you react is in your control.

Market corrections are a great time to buy and market crashes are the very best time to buy.

If you want to take advantage of the current fall in asset prices (or have family, friends, colleagues that want to take advantage) please contact us.


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