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8 Sep 2023

US Recession???

It has now been 12 months exactly since we flagged that the research pointed to a recession in the United States in 2023.

Officially it has not happened but the research and indicators still continue to point to a recession in the United States.

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When exactly? We do not know.

So why has it not happened already? Because employment has not collapsed.

The research also implies that we are in year 13 of a 20 year bull market based on historic trends which is more likely to be right than wrong because ‘software is consuming the World’.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is at an ‘inflection point’ for advertising, e-commerce, travel, shared economy and public cloud with the future impact being materially underestimated.

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The severity and length of this next recession in the United States is not known but it will definitely negatively impact asset prices when it does hit.

The key to remember is that even when the United States and or Australia do go into recession, it will present investors with an opportunity to buy more quality asset at a discounted price.

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